Name: Sakura Vol Kamiro Okei

Nicknames: Blossom

Relatives: Okei bloodline, Her Brother (Dead) Father (Dead) Mother (Dead) Sister: Okari Kami (Alive) other relatives

Affliations: Mithril Army: Captain, Okei family tree

Ethnicity: Japanese/French

Personality Edit

Sakura tries to be as nice as she can, even to those who don't deserve it. She comes from a Royal Bloodline and tries her best to live up to the standards that she has set. She cares for her sister, Okari and is overprotective of her, although Okari resents her for always being busy.

Abilities Edit

Cherry Blossoms: Her power which was evolutioned from her mother, Has the power to create cherry blossoms and heal and slice with them.

Master Swordsmanship

Great Gunmanship

Medical Expertise

Quick Reflexes