Noro's theme

Name: Noro last name unknown,

Nickname: Whispers

Age: Unknown

Relative: From records his father could send out Pure energy blasts and his mother could create arcane weapons, but his family tree's name was lost. Anymore of his family record is lost or locked away to not be seen.

Affiliation: Hex: Inquisitor

Personality Edit

Noro stands tall and stoic, a word not heard from him. Most people think he's creepy.

Sometimes strange whispering comes from him, it's untranslatable and appears in different directions even though no muscles move on what you can see of his face.

Story Edit

Can't get it from him~ I mean he is silent and all.

Abilities Edit

Solid Energy- From his hands Noro creates Solid Energy that's shaped by how he imagines it to be they only tend to be weapons, usually on chains as well.. They come from his sleeves where you may not see his hand.

Whispering Aura: Rumors indicate that the whispers are a part of his powers, and how he interrogates prisoners without speaking.