Name: Elric den Drych

Age: 19

Relatives: Nona Ginta


Personality Edit

History Edit

Elric comes from a large family of unearned wealth. His father, from a low-middle class family, had been blessed with intelligence and tact to have been apart of HEX. As he rose to this position, he pulled the family with them and put them into a safe and free state. Many of the kin followed and gained some other lesser government titles. His father had then married Elric's mother and aunt to Nona and they had him and stuff. All his life, Elric's plan was to follow in his father's footsteps and become part of HEX. His father died when Elric was 13 by assassination and his mother died from illness depression a year later. Since then he has been in the care of his grandfather before becoming independent.

Abilities Edit

Double Vision : Elric has the ability to project himself within a limited distance which grows and shrinks upon practice. Of course this ability is very limited to his human capabilities. His copy can appear unmistakably real as well as work under the laws of physics, however, it has not the capability to touch or be touch. Objects faze through it, sometimes destroying the copy. When this happens, Elric is able to still feel the pain inflicted. Because of his goals, practicing his ability is little interest to ham and he trains sparcely.